June 2012

The giant squid is super cool

This elusive sea creature may take over one day.

Though my favorite animal is the sloth—and I also love frogs, great apes, and plenty of other interesting beings—it’s the giant squid that fascinates me more than any other animal (well, any other animal that has been proven to exist; plenty of cryptozoology creatures fascinate me as well!). The giant squid is one of the largest beings on earth, yet it’s so smart that it eludes humans on a daily basis. What other 43-foot-long animal could evade us so well?

We’ve almost never seen a live giant squid before; it wasn’t even until 2006 when we first caught a glimpse of a giant squid on film. The only incident that I can think of in which a giant squid was caught is the one in which he or she was captured but fought so valiantly to escape that the squid sustained fatal wounds. In fact, I started to watch a documentary on this very instance—not realizing that it was about said instance, and that the scientists only had so long to study it before it began to “decompose,” during which I realized what it was and turned it off! If these massive beings can keep away from us, only washing up on the land when they die, they’ve got to be clever, haven’t they?