March 2012

The Marmoset: Definitely a Cool Animal

This past weekend, my mom, my son and I took a trip to a nearby zoo. The zoo we visited isn't very big, but they have some really neat animals you can view up close. I think the animal that captivated my attention the most was the marmoset. This tiny little creature with its tiny little features is adorable. I didn't know much about the marmoset, so when I got home I decided to look up some information.

The Cheetah: One of the Coolest Animals

The cheetah is like the ultimate sports car -- sleek, well-designed and built  for speed. It's flexible spine allows it to achieve a stride equal to a racehorse -- covering up to 22 feet in one stride. Within seconds, a cheetah can reach 60 to 70 miles per hour. So, that means any prey that wanders into the cheetah's general vicinity better be prepared for a hearty chase -- and a more than likely end to their existence.

Not only can the cheetah sprint, it also has claws that give it incredible traction. The cheetah can also change stride in midair to chase prey. In a chase, the cheetah definitely has the advantage.