February 2012

The Funny Little Hedgehog

When hedgehogs hunt for food -- sometimes in hedges -- they often grunt, kind of like a hog. This explains their name.  When it comes to food they might eat anything. They prefer insects, but they also won't often pass up other types of food if it presents itself.

Even though some hedgehogs are no bigger than a tea cup, don't think they can't protect themselves. They can roll up into a ball, exposing their spines to scare away predators. Before they stop, drop and roll into a ball, they may speed up their pace to rates of six feet per second to escape.

They also spend their days rolled up into a ball, sleeping. Then, they prowl around at night, looking for stuff to eat.

Uncool Animals are Cool

"... while a sloth may seem just like a lazy lump, it has some amazing abilities."

As I sit here writing this blog about cool animals, I realized that not everyone will share the same opinion as I do about why certain animals are cool. I am one of those people who has respect for all living creatures. Well, maybe not for fire ants and mosquitoes, but I won’t go there.

There are animals that are obviously very cool such as a cheetah for its speed and an elephant for its size and strength. But, I can find something cool with just about any animal on our awesome planet – even for those that don’t seem cool at all.

For instance, while most people may not think there’s anything cool about a sloth, I beg to differ. A sloth actually has many things about it that are pretty cool.

The Awesome Wooly Mammoth

You can imagine my surprise while googling around on the Internet to find a headline that stated that the wooly mammoth might still be alive in Siberia. Apparently, Michael Cohen, a government-employed engineer, taped a creature that some believe is an actually wooly mammoth. The wooly mammoth is thought to have been extinct for over 4,000 years. Hmmm.....