January 2012

The Intelligent and Sly Chimpanzee

I was watching a random program on TV the other night, and it was about a chimpanzee sanctuary. There was this older chimp, Josephine, who cleverly escaped from the compound into the surrounding forest and didn't want to come back. She reluctantly came back, but played games with her captors before she finally went inside the compound. Anyway, it got me thinking about how intelligent chimpanzees are -- smart enough to outsmart humans.

The humans put various fruits right inside the compound door to lure Josephine inside. A man was waiting to lower the trap door once she went inside to get the fruit.  So, Josephine hung around outside the door, looked at the fruit and waited. Then, she quickly stretched part of body inside the door, grabbed the fruit and jumped back out. She knew the man wouldn't close the door on her, and she got the fruit.

Mourning Doves: A Musical Treat in Your Backyard

As I sit here this morning, typing, I'm greeted with the soothing sounds of a mourning dove outside my window. Its soft, melodical coo takes me back to my childhood when I spent time at my grandfather's house. His property was surrounded by these peaceful creatures. I think the sound is soothing and enjoyable -- not nerve-racking or annoying like the fast-paced calls of the mockingbird or the screeches of the grackle.