Uncool Animals are Cool

Uncool Animals are Cool

"... while a sloth may seem just like a lazy lump, it has some amazing abilities."

As I sit here writing this blog about cool animals, I realized that not everyone will share the same opinion as I do about why certain animals are cool. I am one of those people who has respect for all living creatures. Well, maybe not for fire ants and mosquitoes, but I won’t go there.

There are animals that are obviously very cool such as a cheetah for its speed and an elephant for its size and strength. But, I can find something cool with just about any animal on our awesome planet – even for those that don’t seem cool at all.

For instance, while most people may not think there’s anything cool about a sloth, I beg to differ. A sloth actually has many things about it that are pretty cool.

First of all, while a sloth may seem just like a lazy lump, it has some amazing abilities. It lives most of its life in the treetops – eating, sleeping, mating and giving birth -- and it has a powerful grip that helps it suspend itself while sleeping. Three-toed sloths can also rotate their heads approximately 270 degrees. Sloths are also awesome swimmers. They can do a mean stroke with their lengthy arms.

My point is that even the most boring of animals has some cool – and often surprising – habits or traits. So the next time you look at an animal and don’t find it particularly interesting, just know that there’s probably a special something about it that makes it stand out from the crowd.