The Funny Little Hedgehog

The Funny Little Hedgehog

When hedgehogs hunt for food -- sometimes in hedges -- they often grunt, kind of like a hog. This explains their name.  When it comes to food they might eat anything. They prefer insects, but they also won't often pass up other types of food if it presents itself.

Even though some hedgehogs are no bigger than a tea cup, don't think they can't protect themselves. They can roll up into a ball, exposing their spines to scare away predators. Before they stop, drop and roll into a ball, they may speed up their pace to rates of six feet per second to escape.

They also spend their days rolled up into a ball, sleeping. Then, they prowl around at night, looking for stuff to eat.

Hedgehogs don't see well at all, so they rely heavily on their sense of smell and their hearing to help them feed and avoid danger. They lead a solitary life, except for mating purposes.

One of the coolest things about hedgehogs is even though they don't really socialize in the wild, it's not uncommon for them to form a close bond with humans who take them on as pets. They not only make an interesting and unusual pet, they also can help you control the insects in your garden. They're also pretty cute.

If you take a hedgehog on as a pet, know that you won't have to worry about it being agressive or mean. It also won't put off an offensive odor like other pets do.